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Health and Wellness

Programs designed for your staff

EHE prides itself in our comprehensive health and wellness service offerings. All educational services can be performed virtually or live. Our classes are created to engage all levels of understanding and educational backgrounds. Our educational classes range from basic health and wellness to chronic conditions and disease processes. Our goal is to provide solutions that allow each individual to have the information to apply the learned knowledge in their lives to make healthier life choices.

Healthy living

Nutrition Educational Training

Essential Health Ed understands the benefit of having a healthy nutritional diet. Good nutrition can reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, some cancers, and osteoporosis. EHE strives to promote healthy living by tailoring an educational training to fit your needs.

Employee benefits

Corporate Health and Wellness Program

Essential Health Ed provides tailored corporate health and wellness programs by using comprehensive, company-specific data when creating your wellness program. Research has shown the benefit to employees and employers by the lowering health care costs, reducing absenteeism, achieving higher employee productivity, reducing workers’ compensation and disability-related costs, and improving overall employee morale and loyalty.

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Through our Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Educational Series we promote an improved health through engaging and empowering individual and communities. Our objective is to help each participant to prevent and reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases.

Essential Health Ed offers a comprehensive educational curriculum that can be tailored and created with your organizational needs in mind. This curriculum is designed to fit the specific needs of the organization. All sessions can be held on site.


Our Program covers Chronic Diseases such as:

Alcohol and Substance Abuse
Asthma and COPD
Heart Disease
Heart Attacks
Mental Health
Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Raising the superheroes of tomorrow

EHE developed this line of service from our passion and desire to reach children early in life, to instill knowledge that will enable them to have an understanding of health and wellness, safety and peer relationships and develop confidence. Super Saver Kidz is an awesome program that delivers great quality content for children, youth, and teenagers. This program was created to include parents in a manner that provides them support and education as well. SSK is designed to bring out the superhero in you.

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